When attracting a gay hunky guy, remeber the following:

February 13, 2008

The first thing that you should do when trying to attract gay guy is to be comfortable with yourself.The confidence that you show in this way will make you more attractive to others, and you’ll feel good about yourself as well. If you want to meet someone, you need to talk to him. The most difficult part of attracting hunky guy can be starting that first conversation. Remember that someone does not have to be gay or straight just to have a conversation. Try to break the ice with small talk, and if you seem to get along then you might move on to a hot flirtation. You should be able to pick up in the conversation if your partner may be interested in you, and if he is not then you have lost nothing.


Hot Hunks Secrets on Gaining Mass Muscle

February 12, 2008

For starters, most hunky gay guys over train, a lot. It seems like they all want to build into massive bodies overnight! But believe me , it is a big problem for hot hunks because they can strut at the next circuit event. Unless you are on steroids or you are a genetic freak, your body just does not want a a seven-hour workout to make impressive muscle and strength gains. The longer you have been working out, the less volume your sexy body actually needs to continue making progress-provided. You have got only two exercises to perform each gym session! Thress sets of three reps for each one.Follow this rule, and you eill become really hot and sexy hunk with mass muscles. You will get attracted to many gay hunks shortly.

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